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Heavy Machinery Transportation

Leave your machinery transport to the experts. Hassle Free Cargo will take care of moving heavy machinery, such as farm equipment or those especially designed to perform large construction tasks. 

We can provide you with: 

Transportation of Temperature Controlled Items

It is our duty to keep the load within the specified temperature range, according to the need of the product being transported. From the moment of pick up until its delivery, we take care to assure your load will be received in optimum conditions.

We manage:

Open and Enclosed Auto
If you need to deliver a car from one destination to another you have two options, enclosed car shipping or open car shipping. We have the best options for you, tailored to your needs and budget.
Enclosed Transportation
Our enclosed transportation service is dedicated to customers with deluxe and exclusive vehicles, or for those who require that their vehicle travels in an extra safe way. 
Over-Dimensional Loads

All larger projects need larger machines and larger effort. We love the challenge of moving over-dimensional equipment and helping megaprojects happen.

Avoid the hassle of transporting your load, we have a team ready to transport your over-dimensional load, with the proper tools and resources.

We make sure that all the loads are overseen and delivered in a professional way.

Open Transportation
Our open transportation service is also performed with professionalism and great care. Although the vehicle is exposed to different elements and circumstances during the shipping, we take care of it until it safely arrives at the destination. Some benefits of this service:



We are committed to keeping the client posted during every step of the service. We do a strict follow up that guarantees our client’s satisfaction which is one our main goals. We accomplish this procedure in the following order:
  • We start searching for the best driver that will cover the transportation of the client’s unit perfectly, making sure he has the proper equipment and insurance that will cover the cost of the entire unit. We also acquire any permits needed, in order to get everything done smoothly.
  • After properly passing the background check and verification, we assign the job to a specific driver and confirm the estimated pick-up date with the client.
  • We contact the shipper and the client to provide a 24 hours’ notice and confirm that everything is ready for the next day for the driver’s arrival.
  • The morning of the pick-up, we confirm once more with the driver that everything is good, and we assure that everything is according to plan. We confirm again the estimated time of arrival at the pick-up location.
  • When the driver is 1 hour away from the pick-up location, we contact the shipper and the client to inform them that the driver is about to arrive.
  • Once the driver is at the pick-up location, we inform the client. At the same time, we check in with the shipper to assure everything is looking good to begin loading the unit.
  • When the unit gets loaded, we ask the shipper to make sure everything is in order and that the driver loaded everything as agreed. Then, we go ahead and confirm that the unit is loaded when the driver provides a picture of the unit loaded on the transport.
  • We constantly stay in touch with the driver to know his location and we keep an accurate estimated time of arrival so we can keep the client posted. We inform clients when we are planning to deliver their load.
  • 24 hours before the driver’s arrival, we contact the receiver and we make sure everything is set and ready to receive the driver, his trailer and the unit at the location. We confirm again with the client that his/her unit will be delivered the following date.
  • On the delivery date we confirm with the driver that everything is going according to plan and we confirm once again the estimated time of arrival. Then, we contact the receiver and we make sure they are ready to receive the driver.
  • Once the driver is 1 hour away (as we did on the pick-up location), we contact again the receiver and inform the client the job is about to be completed.
  • As one of the last steps, once the driver is at the drop off location, we inform the client and the receiver that the driver is at the destination and we make sure everything is as it should be.
  • Once the unit is unloaded, we get back with the receiver to let them know that everything was done properly. We check in with the client as well to assure that we fulfilled everyone’s expectations.
Express Service

We are aware that sometimes clients must get things done quickly. We could be the solution for them. We work with a large network of carriers whose drivers can ship a unito(r several units) faster than the usual timeframe.

We work with drivers that are experts on the route the client needs, to ensure that our service meets their expectations.

Ocean and Air Freight
Connecting services and products around the world is essential to the growth of any economy in the world and we have a team with over 25 years of experience in all kinds of cargo. We can deliver to any port or airport in the world.