Hassle Free Cargo

Is a freight logistics and coordination company dedicated to transporting merchandise by land, sea, or air.
About Hassle Free Cargo
We transport across the USA, Canada, and internationally.

You can trust that our company is a reliable entity, properly licensed by the FMCSA, and is fully bonded and insured with the respective Authority to operate as Brokers.
We assure that we only work with carriers who have an Active Status with the FMCSA, clean insurance records, and licenses that comply with current regulations and standards.

Every load is moved with a reliable driver, in a safe and professional manner that is fully insured from Point A to Point B. Each skilled member of the company works hard to find the best carrier at the best price to move every client’s load. This allows the customer to optimize productivity, allowing them more time to focus on other important aspects of their business while we provide them with a competitive advantage.


We Work Ethically.

And With Transparency
Every Step Of The Way



To serve as the leading freight company specializing in land, sea, and air transport worldwide. To be the most trustworthy and respectable company in the industry while working with the best technology on the market. 


Taking the hassle out of the client's transport experience. Regardless of the size of the load or the distance to travel, we take full control of the logistics, coordination, and delivery aspects of every haul.


Hassle Free Cargo is focused on achieving and upholding greatness. Each member of the company is committed to excellence and to providing the best level of service possible.


What Makes
Us Different


Having strong moral principles is undisputed! At Hassle Free Cargo we work ethically and transparently in all our procedures.


We are fully and totally committed to the well-being of our internal and external clients. Our service is provided with passion and true devotion. We are fully committed solely and specifically to the client’s benefit, always staying faithful with our members and partners.


We never settle for mediocrity! We always deliver our best, period! Hassle Free Cargo is always looking for greatness. Each and every member of the company is committed to outstanding performance.

Our company has worked to create alliances with the top tools, boards, and platforms in the market in order to provide the best service to all of our clients.
Eddy Lopez



Sometimes things go the way we think they will and other times we learn! Here at Hassle Free Cargo we accept our mistakes if we fail, and we correct the situation on the spot.
We deliver what we promise and more! We don’t overpromise. We work in a transparent way and educate the client in order to go above and beyond the client’s expectations.
No extra fees or charges at all. Before we begin, we explain and make sure that every single detail of the deal is clear to the client. NO SURPRISES!

Openly identify the nature, location, and ownership of the business, and clearly disclose all policies, guarantees, and procedures that contribute to a customer’s decisions.

We fulfill any written and verbal agreement made. THE MOST VALUABLE THING WE HAVE, IS OUR WORD!
We are fully committed to be on top of each aspect of communication with the client and carrier, by responding quickly in a professional and friendly way.
We take the security of every client, carrier, affiliate, and member SERIOUSLY. We don’t disclose any type of information without been previously authorized. At the same time, we only collect the data needed for work purposes.
Upholding strong moral principles is undisputed! At Hassle Free Cargo we work ethically and transparently in all of our procedures.